When I was assisting in the study of Artificial Intelligence (AI), I realized that the basic concepts were quite obscure. Since I had a background course in Game Theory, I could relate easily to concepts and algorithms required to create basic AI applications, however for someone who has not had the background, the material was quite confusing.

A simple example could be a Minimax algorithm for decision making, the problem many faced is in understand why the algorithm works the way it works. Many books and literature bypassed this explanation and focused more on the mechanism of the Minimax algorithm. Whereas I am of the belief that if the concept and basic logic behind the algorithm is more important.

This where it dawned upon me that the basics of AI are primarily in logic, and application of that logic rather than the rudimentary mechanisms of algorithms. Hence I framed a course in which I focused on this logic and explanation of this logic. I got a  overwhelming  response when I approach teaching AI from this stand point. To further this I began creating notes as assisting tools in this study. I collected a lot of reference literature, revisited my game theory class notes, browsed the internet, read a lot of books and collected the knowledge and organised it in a clear fashion.

However, once done, I had to leave to pursue my career in the industrial domain, and I thought that the material that I have collected would be a waste if I did not distribute it. All this was ground in a basic belief that whatever I have collected is good and is useful. This core belief led me to print the notes I had, bind them and distribute them. The response I got was truly great, and for that I thank my early readers, and this response created a pressure on me to better organize the material in a book format so that many more could access it.‘   This book is the step in that direction.

Out of clutter find SIMPLICITY From discord find HARMONY In the middle of difficulty lies OPPORTUNITY